Cancer Wellness

Coping with the side effects and after effects of chemotherapy, radiation or surgery can challenge a cancer patient’s sense of control over their own body. Our clinical experts and therapists educate cancer patients and also assist them in developing and sustaining health maintenance programs based on their specific type of cancer and individual response to treatment. Our team takes into account all aspects of wellness including nutrition and supervised exercise, both of which are critical to improving the patient’s physical functioning, muscle strength, fatigue, anxiety, depression, pain management, and overall quality of life.

Highly acclaimed studies have now shown that cancer patients do better, actually live longer, and generally have an easier experience -- if they feel supported by those that are around them. No wonder, then, that oncology experts at the world's best known treatment centers are urging patients to stay in their own communities, near the support of family and friends, when expert care is available where they live.

The mission of the Cancer Wellness Program is to help cancer patients transition to proactive cancer survivors that feel secure in body, mind and spirit. The 12-week program requires a physician referral and participants are fully supported by scholarships made possible through community donations and the QVMC Foundation. Participants work closely with a Physical Therapist or Registered Nurse, Stress Mastery Counselor, Registered Dietitian, Rosen Method Bodywork and Comfort Touch®Practitioner and Spiritual Care Advisor as needed. Cancer Wellness participants receive membership to Synergy Medical Fitness Center which includes access to group classes such as yoga, Pilates, meditation, aquatic exercise, and more. An art instructor also works with the participants to provide opportunities for participants to express their feelings and creativity.

A Multidisciplinary Team

The Wellness Center's experienced team of therapists, nutritionists and other medical professionals are experienced in working with patients with all cancer types, helping them to develop programs that enhance the quality of life during cancer treatment and throughout recovery.

Support Groups

Support groups meet regularly to share ideas and resources, and to support one another. Research studies show that those who participate in cancer support groups live longer. Here at the support group meeting cancer patients share their coping and rehabilitation strategies and experiences.


Education is an important component to managing and recovering from cancer. Education and classes about various types of cancer, rehabilitation, reducing risk factors, prevention, exercise and medication are all topics that are explored.

Dietary Consultant & Education

Each patient and spouse receives a dietary assessment by a trained dietician. The dietician will review the patient's food intake. Tailored dietary plans will be discussed as appropriate. The dietician will answer questions as well as give ideas for preparing food, reading food labels, purchasing food and eating out.

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