Men on Flexibility

Flexibility is a measure of the range of motion around a joint. Flexibility allows us to complete activities of daily living (ADL) with virtual ease. When getting out of bed, lifting groceries, or bending down to pick something up, we need flexibility. Flexibility tends to diminish with age. This is mostly due to a sedentary way of life. Without adequate flexibility, these ADLs become complicated to carry out.

While in the gym, most men tend to focus on strength training with free weights and machines. They also do some sort of cardiovascular exercise. But why not flexibility? Flexibility is a very important part of a well-balanced exercise regimen but is often neglected due to time constraints, or not being deemed as a significant piece of the puzzle.

Over time, we assimilate posture habits that can lead to the reduced mobility of joints. Staying active and stretching often will help prevent this and keep us physically engaged as we grow older. Being flexible significantly reduces the risk of falling and of experiencing chronic and acute back pain.

Some things men can do to increase flexibility are:

• Incorporating a dynamic warm up into their routine before exercising

• Do static stretching after you are finished with your exercise routine, instead of prior to exercising

• Go through full range of motions for your desired movements

• Get a massage or use a foam-roller for myofascial release

Increasing your flexibility is a great way to not only get in the game but stay in it!

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