Diabetes Wellness Program

The Diabetes Wellness Program provides Medical Nutrition Therapy for a more individualized approach to your Diabetes Health.

On staff we have Registered Dietitians who are Certified Diabetes Educators.

The Diabetes Wellness Program is recognized by the American Diabetes Association and is designed to provide self-management education. Individuals learn the importance of meal planning, blood sugar monitoring, regular exercise, weight loss, cholesterol management, coping and stress management and how to prevent or delay long-term complications.

Working with your doctor, our team will assess your needs, help you determine realistic goals and provide an individualized care plan for you. The Diabetes Wellness Program provides a variety of services to meet your needs:

Diabetes Self-Management Education

  • Blood sugar monitoring (glucose meter will be provided)
  • Oral & Insulin management skills
  • Nutrition education, carbohydrate counting & meal planning
  • Cholesterol & high blood pressure management
  • Exercise & weight loss counseling
  • Stress management
  • Preventing or delaying long-term complications

We also provide education on topics of particular interest to diabetics including:

  • Carbohydrate Counting and Reading Food Labels - This two-hour class was developed for those individuals needing a “refresher” course. Foods that raise the blood sugar are identified and carbohydrate counting is reviewed. Reading food labels can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for. Here we demystify the typical food label and manufacturers claims.
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